Pistol silencer G.I.S. PSR9 COMPACT

The GIS PSR9 silencers are designed for 9×19 mm self-loading pistols, and are the flagship of our range.

With respect to the complicated design and many contradicting requirements we had to take into account during development, we are rightly proud that we have managed to meet them all.

In order to be able to achieve this, we had to use a combination of several materials to reach the maximum efficiency, long service life and low weight for a reasonable price.

Basic materials used in the silencer design include a titanium alloy, a special aluminum alloy, special stainless steel and high-strength treated steel.

The steel components of the silencers are nitrided in order to increase their mechanical and corrosion resistance. For the same reason, the surface of the aluminum alloy components is hard anodized.

The GIS PSR9 silencers contain a pulse device which ensures reliable functioning of the silencer with firearms with the breech mechanism locked by swinging or rotation of the barrel.

During firing, silencers for pistol ammunition get quickly fouled by combustion gases and unburnt remains of the propellant. Therefore, the silencer requires regular cleaning in order to maintain its maximum efficiency and functional reliability. For this reason, the GIS PSR9 silencers can be fully disassembled.

The design of the GIS CSR9 allows the user to perform perfect cleaning of the inner parts as well easy replacement of worn or damaged components. The silencer can be easily disassembled using a special disassembling wrench, which can also be used as an improvised cleaning tool. The wrench for disassembling is part of the accessories and is stored in a separate pocket of the fabric transport case for the silencer.

The GIS PSR9 silencers are produced in two versions – STANDARD and COMPACT.

The COMPACT version was developed based on requirements of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic. It weighs less and is shorter than the STANDARD version. The STANDARD version is, however, more efficient – by approximately 3 dB.

As standard, the GIS PSR9 silencers are made for firearms with M13.5x1LH, 1/2″-24 and M13.1 muzzle threads; other thread sizes can be supplied on request.

Stripping and cleaning of the PSR9 silencer (open in youtube for english subtitles)

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