The G.I.S. RSR series silencers for repeating rifles are primarily intended for hunting and accurate shooting, but they can also find their use in sports and recreational shooting.

The main emphasis in their development was put on low weight and high mobility – specifically for more time spent hunting and for better movement in wooded terrain. The silencer body is made of a special aluminum alloy for low weight, while the rear face and the baffles are made of steel for long service life. The front face is made of a combination of both materials. The steel components of the silencers are nitrided in order to increase their mechanical and corrosion resistance. For the same reason, the surface of the aluminum alloy components is hard anodized.

For safety reasons, the GIS RSR series silencers cannot be disassembled. However, they can be cleaned chemically.


Repeating rifle silencer G.I.S. RSR2240

Caliber: 5,56 NATO / .223 Rem.

Repeating rifle silencer G.I.S. RSR3040

Caliber: .308 Win, 7,62×51, 7,62×39, .300 Blackout

Repeating rifle silencer G.I.S. RSR3045

Caliber: .308 Win, 7,62×51, 7,62×39, .300 Blackout