The CSR series silencers for carbines, submachine guns and PDWs are offered in two versions.

They are made in two basic variants. The lighter duralumin CSR9 variant is designed primarily for sports and recreational shooting. The all-steel CSR9 WB STEEL model is recognized for its durability and is able to withstand long-term loading when firing bursts of supersonic ammunition. It is designed primarily for armed forces. The front face of the CSR9 STEEL WB is made of grade 15 hardened steel and, like all the other components, is nitrided in order to increase the resistance against damage and corrosion. Therefore, it functions not only as an efficient flash suppressor and protection against the ingress of dirt into the suppressor, it can also be used as a very efficient window breaker for forced entry into vehicles and buildings.


During firing, fouling due to combustion gases quickly develops in silencers. Therefore, they require regular cleaning in order to maintain their maximum efficiency. For this reason, both CSR9 variants can be fully disassembled. The tool required for disassembly is included in the accessories.

The design of the GIS CSR9 series silencers allows the user to perform perfect cleaning of the inner parts as well easy replacement of worn or damaged components.


Carbine rimfire silencer G.I.S. CSR22

Caliber: .22 LR, .22 SHORT, .22 WMR, etc.
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We are a Czech manufacturer of silencers for firearms. Our production range includes silencers for all common types of firearms from rimfire rifles to pistols, self-loading carbines, submachine guns, PDWs to self-loading and repeating rifles.