Rimfire silencer G.I.S. RSR22RF

The GIS RSR22RF silencer is designed for calibers .22 short, .22 Long Rifle, .22WMR and .22 Hornet.

Its low weight and small dimensions make it ideal for use with sports and hunting firearms.

When used with rimfire ammunition with lead bullets, silencers get quickly fouled with combustion gases and traces of lead. For this reason, the RSR22RF can be fully disassembled with the use of a universal wrench/cleaning tool, which is included in the silencer accessories. Its capability to be fully disassembled allows easy maintenance and replacement of damaged or worn components as well as replacement of the rear fastening section with a different one, with a different thread size. Thanks to this, you can use one silencer with multiple firearms with different muzzle thread dimensions.

All its parts are made of high-quality hard anodized duralumin for longer service life. The use of the PSR22RF silencer does not have a negative impact on shooting accuracy, and it significantly reduces the level of firing noise, especially with the use of subsonic ammunition.

It is suitable for use with rifles and pistols, and, thanks to its small diameter, it enables using firearms with the standard sight height.

Stripping and cleaning of the PSR22RF silencer (open in youtube for english subtitles)

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