Advantages of G.I.S. silencers

We are proud of the fact that our silencers are 100 % developed and manufactured in the Czech Republic.

The GIS CSR9 Compact model has even already been introduced in the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic.

When developing our products, we have taken into account specific conditions and needs of our shooters. Our products are a result of more than four years of design and intense testing.

The perfect function of the system requires harmony of all its components. Therefore, we have an intense cooperation with Czech manufacturers of firearms and ammunition for mutual harmonizing of our products.

Our silencers are made of high-quality materials, on precise computer-controlled machining centers with minimum tolerances in order to achieve a perfect function and long service life.

Basic materials used in the silencer design include titanium, a special aluminum alloy, special stainless steel and heat-treated steel. The use of the individual materials in a final product can vary greatly. The main criteria are customer requirements on the weight, service life and price of the final product.

We are able to flexibly respond to our customers’ needs, and we provide quick warranty and post-warranty service for our products. We offer a possibility of non-binding trial of all our products and training in their use and maintenance. These services are provided through our proven business partners all over the Czech Republic.

Our customers can choose a product according to their needs. The choice is all theirs – whether they prefer compact dimensions, the maximum suppression level or low weight.

During firing, silencers get quickly fouled by combustion gases and unburnt remains of the propellant. Therefore, the GIS silencers for 22LR, 22Short and 22WMR rimfire ammunition and for 7.65 mm and 9 mm pistol ammunition can be disassembled. This feature allows, above all, perfect cleaning of the silencer after firing, which is vital for maintaining its maximum efficiency. Replacement of individual components of the silencer is also very simple. It does not just involve the possibility to replace damaged or worn parts, it also gives the user the possibility to easily upgrade to a more advanced version of the silencer without unnecessary financial costs and administrative burden related to purchasing a new silencer.

Rifle silencers cannot be disassembled for safety reasons, but they can be cleaned chemically.

G.I.S. pistol silencer PSR9 Compact