Non-standard thread?

Although we continuously extend the range of supported thread dimensions, it is not possible to cover all non-standard solutions of individual firearm manufacturers. Is there a way to use a G.I.S. silencer on a firearm with a non-standard muzzle thread? Yes, there is.

The connectivity of all silencers produced by G.I.S. with the firearm is ensured by a thread insert (with the exception of the RSR22RF rimfire model and our AK family suppressors, where the thread is directly in the rear face), which is a separate part. For firearms with a non-standard muzzle thread we can supply a silencer with an insert without a thread, just with a drilled hole with a smaller diameter, or a separate thread insert (or the rear face in case of RSR22RF), and the specific thread can be custom-cut.

Although we are aware that quite a few customers can have the skills and adequate technical background, we do not supply pre-drilled inserts to final customers but only to holders of the A or B firearm license in order to prevent unqualified modifications that could result in a damage or destruction of the silencer or the firearm, or in an injury. Even a minor deviation, for example, on the seating surfaces, can cause misalignment of the silencer and the barrel. It can have a negative impact on accuracy. In an extreme case it can also cause damage to the silencer and the firearm and pose a risk of injury.

Therefore, such a modification of a thread insert must be entrusted to a qualified gunsmith. All our resellers will be glad to assist you in selecting a suitable gunsmith.


Overview of maximum thread dimensions for individual thread inserts:

Thread insert CSR for G.I.S. CRS9 a CSR9 WB Steel – max M16

Thread insert RSRM for self-loading rifles suppressors G.I.S. RSR WB Steel – max M16

Thread insert RSRL for repeating rifles silencers G.I.S. RSR – max M18