Carbine silencer G.I.S. CSR9

The GIS CSR9 silencers are designed for 9 mm carbines and submachine guns.

During firing, fouling due to combustion gases quickly develops in silencers. Therefore, they require regular cleaning in order to maintain their maximum efficiency. For this reason, both CSR9 variants can be fully disassembled. The tool required for disassembly is included in the accessories.

The design of the GIS CSR9 series silencers allows the user to perform perfect cleaning of the inner parts as well easy replacement of worn or damaged components.

As standard, the GIS CSR9 series silencers are made for firearms with 1/2″-28, 5/8″-24, M13.5x1L, M14x1, M14x1L and M18x1 muzzle threads; other dimensions as required by the customer.

Stripping and cleaning of the CSR9 silencer (open in youtube for english subtitles)

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