Self loading rifle suppressor G.I.S. RSR2240 WB Steel AK

The G.I.S. RSR WB Steel suppressors are designed primarily for armed forces.

We offer specific models dedicated for AK family rifles in 5,45×39 caliber G.I.S. RSR2240 WB Steel AK with M24x1,5 muzzle thread. These models are equipped with cogs fitting in original rifle’s muzzle device locking mechanism.

G.I.S. RSR2240 WB Steel AK in 5,45×39 caliber comes in two sub-variants depending on length of barrel thread which is different between AK-74 and AKS-74U models.

Therefore, a special emphasis was put in their development and production on maximum durability when firing in full auto, even with the use of supersonic ammunition. The front face is made of grade 15 hardened steel and, like all other the components, is nitrided in order to increase the resistance against damage and corrosion. Therefore, it functions not only as an efficient flash suppressor and protection against the ingress of dirt into the suppressor, it can also be used as a very efficient window breaker for forced entry into vehicles and buildings.

In order to achieve the maximum efficiency and durability in use under the most demanding conditions, the basic material used for manufacturing of the RSR WB Steel models is nitrided steel.

For safety reasons, the RSR WB Steel suppressors cannot be disassembled. However, they can be cleaned chemically.

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