Repeating rifle silencer G.I.S. RSR2240

The GIS RSR2240 silencer is designed for repeating centerfire rifles.

During its development and production, we primarily aimed at the needs of hunters and sports shooters. Therefore, the emphasis was put on the maximum efficiency, low weight and simple maintenance. To ensure low weight, majority of parts are made of duralumin. The most stressed parts, such as the baffles, are made of steel. The silencer surface is protected by hard anodizing.

The GIS RSR2240 silencers can also be used with standard-load supersonic ammunition.

For safety reasons, the GIS RSR2240 silencers cannot be disassembled. However, they can be cleaned chemically (you can find more information in the user manual).

As standard, the GIS RSR2240 silencers are made for firearms with M14x1, M14x1L, M15x1, 1/2″28 and 5/8″-24 muzzle threads; other dimensions as required by the customer.

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