Linear compensator G.I.S. HP

Linear compensator GIS HP

It is a muzzle device designed to suppress light and acoustic manifestations of a shot.

The materials used as well as the simple and efficient construction ensure simple usage and long service life.

HP is primarily an instrument to protect hearing of a shooter and his surroundings. Due to its construction and compact dimensions, it is not a silencer, but in some respects it can successfully replace it. From the point of view of the law (Czech Republic), HP is freely available muzzle device.

The noise of the shot and the gases coming out of the barrel are directed towards the front, and thus their effect on the shooter and the people around him is significantly decreased. The escaping gases also partially cool down when passing through the HP body, and thus their speed at the muzzle is reduced. The result is a reduction in the acoustic pressure load. Although it is a reduction in scale of single dB units for shooter’s ear, the subjective perception of this phenomenon is significant and increases even more with greater distance.

HP can be an effective helper in solving the problem associated with excessive noise around shooting ranges.

GIS HP linear compensators have roughly half the weight and overall length of classic silencers designed for an appropriate caliber.

It is easy to clean and there is no need to dismount it from barrel for cleaning. So there is no need to use complex and dirt-prone quick-release systems.

The design of the HP does not slow the flowing gases as significantly as it does with a silencer, and the amount of gases returning back is therefore significantly lower.

No special tools are needed to disassemble and clean the HP. A simple universal tool for HP maintenance is included in the package.

GIS HP linear compensators were developed primarily for use in armed forces to reduce the acoustic pressure load during firing, especially when firing in a team and in closed spaces. At the same time, they effectively mask the shooter’s position by suppressing the light and sound effects of a shot.

GIS HP linear compensators improve the weapon’s behavior during dynamic and burst firing. The design of the HP does not slow the flowing gases as significantly as it does with a silencer, and the amount of gases returnig back is therefore significantly lower. It does not change the middle position of a hit as it does when using a silencer.

The design of the front face allows to use a weapon equipped with GIS HP in an emergency cases for breaking the glass panels of windows and doors during forced entry into houses and vehicles. It also prevents larger particles and dirt from entering the barrel.

The front face assembly with diffuser can easily be replaced with a color-coded BLANC module with which the HP functions as an attachment module for practice shooting with acoustic ammunition.

GIS HP linear compensators are easy to install and maintain. They are resistant to damage and have a long service life. They do not come off when cleaning the weapon. Only the front face with the diffuser is unscrewed from them.

No special tools are required for their disassembly and maintenance. They consist of only two parts.

They are half the length and weight of silencers made of the same material.

From the point of view of the law (Czech Republic), it is not a weapon. Security and transport are therefore not subjected to any special rules or restrictions.

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